55 Things To Do In Rexburg In The Winter

There are a lot of things to do in Rexburg in the winter. It can be hard to know what there is to do in Rexburg as it is not like most big towns but sometimes requires some creativity. As a local East Idahoan and having spent many years living in Rexburg I can tell you that there are a lot of things to do in Rexburg in the winter. Let’s go over them here. 

Things To Do In Rexburg In The Winter

  1. Go sledding 

Find your favorite sledding hill or go out to the sand dunes and bring some friends. 

  1. Go out (or stay in) for some hot chocolate 

Or even some apple cider. Never underestimate the power of a good warm drink to warm your body and make the winter blues disappear. 

  1. Go skiing or snowboarding at Kelly Canyon 

Kelly Canyon is not located too far from the Rexburg area and offers some affordable skiing options. They even have a college night where skiing is cheaper for students. And be sure to try out the night skiing. 

  1. Go skiing or snowboarding at Targhee

Grand Targhee can be a little more expensive than Kelly Canyon but it offers some of the best skiing and best snow in the country. 

  1. Go cross country skiing 

Cross country skiing is very easy to pick up and learn if you have not gone before. There are many local trails that are easy to ride on and learn on. If you want more scenic views then head up to Island Park or Harriman State Park and explore some of their many trails. 

  1. Take a relaxing bubble bath

Bath bomb, a good book, and maybe even some candles? Make it a home spa day and treat yo’ self to a warm relaxing bath. 

  1. Ice skating 

There are many different places you can go ice skating in the area. This can be fun and a great way to learn a new skill if you have never been before. Bonus tip: This is a great Rexburg date idea and is a great way to hold hands with that special someone.

  1. Build a snowman

Grab a group of friends and build a snowman. Don’t forget the accessories. 

  1. Make homemade hot chocolate

There are many homemade recipes online for hot chocolate. Try a few out and find your favorite. 

Hot Chocolate
  1. Snowball fight

Be safe with this one. It is always fun but only once in a while can go too far. 

  1. Local high school basketball game

In the winter there are always basketball games and local sporting events happening. Go support the local team. 

  1. Ice fishing

There are a number of lakes that are great for ice fishing in the area. Grab a fishing license and make sure you have the right gear and warm clothes. 

  1. Go Christmas Caroling 

Obviously this is best to do around Christmas time but I guess you could go anytime of the year…

  1. Make a snow globe

Homemade snow globes are a lot of fun to make with family or friends. They might even make a great date idea. 

Snow Globe
  1. Camp out in your living room

Grab a tent and some blankets and your favorite movie. 

  1. Host a football party

Nothing says football quite like the fall and winter season. Grab some finger foods and invite your friends over to watch the game. 

  1. Have a spa day

Go to a local spa and take some time for some relaxing personal care. 

  1. Play some ice hockey

It helps if you are an accomplished skater, but it is more fun when you are a beginner and playing with all your friends who are also beginners. 

  1. Donate warm clothes to a homeless shelter or group home

There is always a need for this and we all have old clothes that we are no longer using and could donate to a home or shelter. 

  1. Spend the night at a snowy cabin

Some of the most beautiful cabins are located just up the road in Island Park and Teton Valley. Go with family or a group of friends and rent one of these beautiful cabins for the night and enjoy the peace and quiet a snowy cabin can bring. 

things to do in rexburg in the winter
  1. Do a polar plunge

Do you think you have what it takes? 

  1. Bake a pie

Apple? Peach? Pecan? What is your favorite? 

  1. Visit an escape room 

These can be a lot of fun and make you think. Can you beat the local record?

  1. Go ride snowmobiles 

Some of the best snowmobile trails and hills are right here in our backyard. If you have access to a snowmobile be sure to take advantage and go for a ride.

  1. Learn a new skill or hobby 

There is no better time to learn a new hobby than winter time. Grab YouTube and watch a tutorial and then learn a new skill or hobby. 

  1. Make a craft – maybe a new wreath

Wreaths are a fun and simple craft to do during the winter. 

  1. Decorate christmas ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree with homemade ornaments can make the holiday even more special and meaningful. 

  1. Go to a ballet or performance

Go to The Nutcracker or another local performance. 

  1. Go snowshoeing 

Rent some snowshoes and go for a winter hike

  1. Decorate and make a gingerbread house

Making homemade gingerbread levels up the difficulty but it is so much tastier than buying gingerbread at the store. 

  1. Go soak in a natural hot springs

Finding a local hot spring and going for a swim in the winter is sure to leave you with some lasting memories. 

  1. Try candle-making

This is always a fun winter activity. Make your own candles and make some new aromas. 

  1. Make some soup or chili

Try a new recipe or a family favorite. 

  1. Have a pajama day

It is hard to beat a pajama day where you don’t need to get dressed or face major responsibilities. Because let’s face it, pajamas are not responsible clothes. 

  1. Have a game night with friends 

Board games or card games? What is your favorite?

Game Night
  1. See a movie at the Paramount or Fatcats 

And mix this with your pajama day and you have yourself a pretty good time. 

  1. Host a movie night

Invite your friends or family over and have a movie night. Be sure to supply some good popcorn and drinks. 

  1. Go bowling at fatcats 

Skittle bowling with some friends? I think so!

  1. The Rock Gym

If you are a climbing enthusiast or a beginner the Rock Gym has exactly what you need. 

  1. Swimming at Green canyon hot springs 

A local favorite for many years, Green Canyon is a great winter activity for Rexburg area. 

  1. Swimming at Heise Hot Springs 

One of the best hot springs in the local area, this place will not disappoint. 

  1. Splatter Lab

Do you like painting? Do you like getting it everywhere? Let’s see if you are the next Jackson Pollock. 

  1. Hike R Mountain

This can be a little more challenging in the winter but it is possible and leads to some beautiful sights. 

  1. Make a bucket list

Write down all the things you want to do throughout the next year and make plans to do them. 

  1. Make and doctorate sugar cookies

Are your sugar cookies Pinterest worthy or are they just delicious? 

Sugar Cookies
  1. Do a puzzle 

1,000 piece puzzle? Put on a good movie and have some fun with it. 

  1. Learn a new dance

Salsa? Country? Or maybe you are more of a breakdancer. Practice your moves with a partner to get really good. 

  1. Start a book club

Grab some friends and start a book club. 

  1. Plan a trip

Make plans for a warm weather trip. Let your imagination run and have some fun with it. These plans could be real or just for fun. 

  1. Make some bread

Grab your favorite family recipe and make some bread. It always leaves the house smelling wonderful. 

Homemade Bread - Rexburg Deals
  1. Watch a sports game

Basketball, football, or the winter olympics? There is always something on to enjoy. 

  1. Perform a random act of kindness

Don’t underestimate the power of a random act of kindness for someone. 

  1. Visit a museum

Explore a museum and learn something new about the area in which you live. 

  1. Build a snow cave

Maybe even sleep in it? Be sure to dress warm and bringa great sleeping bag if you do that. 

  1. LaBell Lake Ice Palace

If you ever wanted to walk around in an Ice Palace then this is your chance to do so. It is a great local attraction and fun for the whole family. Check out our deal here!

The Rexburg area is full of great things to do in the winter. No matter if you are by yourself, with a loved one, or with friends and family you are bound to have fun. And be sure to check out our Rexburg Deals directory for local discounts and deals to great restaurants, services, and attractions.

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