Rexburg Summer Fun List

30 Family Friendly Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Summer in Rexburg is a fun time to enjoy the outdoors to its full advantage. Whether it’s swimming, biking, or enjoying some Italian ice, there are plenty of activities and yummy treats to help you stay active and relaxed in the summer heat.

This family-friendly water attraction has water slides, a lazy river, a rock wall, and a lap pool. There’s even a shallow pool with a small playground for the little ones.


If you need bikes or kayaks for your summer activities come rent them from the BYU-I Outdoor Resource Center. 

Reservations are often required; learn more!

3. Warm Slough

The warm water and gentle current at Warm Slough stream is perfect for floating even for the youngest of friends.

You will need to take your own flotation devices!

4.Hike R Mountain

Hike up R mountain to watch the sunrise or sunset! If you go in the summer, watch for rattle snakes and other wildlife.

This hike can be done in early-mid fall and late spring.

Now that it’s summer, take advantage of the warm weather and cool grassy areas with a picnic at Smith Park.

The walking path around the park is perfect for little kids to ride scooters or bikes or stroll around.

If you have a hammock, you can tie it in the trees at the park!

Nature Park offers many amenities: pickleball courts, an exciting playground, a skate park, a pond, frisbee golf, a walking trail, and more.

Summer is a great time to go golfing at Teton Lakes or the Municipal Golf Course. It’s great fun for beginners and advanced players alike!

8. Splash Park at Porter Park

This free splash park is great for the little kids to cool down! There are two water slides and a big bucket that tips every few minutes.

This antique carousel ride at Porter Park is lovely fun for people of all ages. Each ride is only $1.25!

Grab some cotton candy or popcorn while you are there too!

This antique carousel ride at Porter Park is lovely fun for people of all ages. Each ride is only $1.25!

Grab some cotton candy or popcorn while you are there too!

Time for some self-serve fro-yo! Choose however many flavors and toppings you want. Enjoy at one of their outdoor tables.

11. Hammocking

Going hammocking for some relaxation within the summer breeze. Some great places to hammock include Porter Park, Nature Park, and the woods near Packsaddle Lake.

12. Have a Bonfire

Twin Bridges, Beaver Dick Park, or the Sand Dunes are some good places to have a bonfire. Time for scary stories and s’mores!

Take advantage of this seasonal summer treat! Choose from a selection of fruity Italian ice combined with vanilla or chocolate custard. 

This treat is dairy free if you don’t get the custard!

Quench your thirst with a fizzy drink and a soft pretzel from Soda Vine!

They have a large menu of specialty sodas and treats to choose from.

If you want a colder treat, they offer milkshakes, sundaes and freezes!

15. Water balloon Fights at the Park

Fill up some balloons with water, then have a water balloon fight at one of the many parks in Rexburg. Make sure to clean up after!

16. Stargazing at the Sand Dunes

Pack your blankets and drive out to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes at night for stargazing. You might even see some shooting stars!

Enjoy a classic hamburger, fries, and milkshake meal at Big Jud’s for a Saturday night dinner.

Take a cool dip in Rigby Lake–located 12 miles south of Rexburg.

There is a small admission fee for each vehicle!

19. Hiking and Wildlife Viewing at Cress Creek

Get in touch with the scene of summer by hiking this easy trail, and observing the wildlife that live there.