137 Rexburg Date Ideas – The Ultimate Guide to Date Ideas in Rexburg

This list of date ideas is gathered from years of growing up and living in Eastern Idaho. We also went to school as students at BYU-Idaho and so we know what it is like being University students in the area. We have done almost all the date ideas on this list and we can tell you that you will be hard pressed to find a list of date ideas for the Rexburg area more in depth than this one. We also will be coming back and periodically updating this list so that the information is as up to date as possible. 

We have compiled the best list of Rexburg date ideas that are free, cheap, and a little more expensive. Be sure to try them all out. You never know what date idea you will like more until you try it out. We also offer great local deals that you can use on or for your date in the Rexburg area.

Some of the best Rexburg date ideas come from years of trial and error as growing up as a local to Eastern Idaho. You are sure to find dozens that will make for a memorable date. 

Here is what we will cover

Free Date Ideas in Rexburg Idaho

Cheap Date Ideas in Rexburg Idaho

More Expensive Date Ideas in Rexburg Idaho

Best Free Rexburg Date Ideas

  1. Bigger and better 

If you have never played this it is quite simple. Start with something like a paperclip and go door to door trading up until you have something bigger and better. A 26 year old once traded a paperclip for a house. Let’s see what you can do.

  1. Bridge jumping 

One of the best activities in the spring near Rexburg is to go bridge jumping. Be sure the water levels are high enough and it is always a good idea to wear some water shoes so you don’t cut your foot on potential debris on the bottom of the river. 

  1. Civil defense caves 

Do you like playing glow in the dark tag? This is a great place to try it out. 

  1. Bird watch at beaver dick park

This is also a great place to have a fire and roast some smores or have a barbeque. 

  1. St. Anthony Sand Dunes 

Having a Bonfire, sand boarding, or taking your ATV’s here are some of the popular things to do. Be sure if you have a bonfire that you do not use wood that has nails or screws as this can cause a hefty fine as well as damage vehicles that may drive on the sand later. This makes for a on of the best free Rexburg date ideas.

  1. Nature park

They don’t call it Nature Park for no reason. Come see why this little park is a local favorite. 

  1. Snapchat Sardines 

This is a FHE night favorite and all you need is a snapchat account and some fun places to hide. 

  1. Frisbee golf 

There are a number of great places to play this in the Rexburg area.

  1. Farmers Market

During the summer months the Farmers Market is a great place to grab some locally grown produce and good food. 

  1. Play a board game

This is always a free and great option for a date night. 

  1. Go on a drive 

With the size of Rexburg it is really easy to get out and go on a drive to just watch the beautiful sunset or see the area. There are also roads going any direction out of town and you can have some fun getting lost together.

  1. Read books together 

This is a great free option for all book lovers. And it can be fun to share what each of you read when you are finished. 

  1. Visit Mesa Falls 

Mesa Falls is very beautiful and a great place to take some pictures or just get out of town to see the surrounding local landscape. 

  1. Cardboard box car drive-in movie 

Grab a big box and make a cardboard box car and watch a movie in your living room.

  1. Build a fort and watch a movie in it

Similar to the cardboard box car this option requires only a blanket or two and a good movie. 

  1. Gardens on campus 

If you have never walked through the 10 acre gardens on campus then you may be missing out. Take a walk and see the amazing and beautiful gardens on campus. 

  1. Volunteer at a nursing home 

Nursing homes are always looking for helpful volunteers. Besides it is isn’t the worst idea to have your date to see you give service. 

  1. Star gazing 

This is a fun and free date idea that is easy to do in the Rexburg area. East Idaho is known for its lack of light pollution. Now if you really want to see some beautiful night skies then take a drive up to Island Park where you are sure to get the best star gazing around. 

Star Gazing Rexburg Deals
  1. Country dancing 

If you love country music then be sure to go country dancing. There seems to always be a dance going on somewhere on campus. Most of the time if you show up early enough they also will teach you how to do the dances. 

  1. Go on a run together 

If you both love working out then this is for sure to get your endorphins up. 

  1. Jack box tv games 

This is a great party game for group dates and requires one of you to have the JackBox game but it is always a group favorite to play. 

  1. Learn a new skill 

Learning something new together always brings people closer together. Be sure to pick something fun and simple to start. 

  1. Movie Marathon 

Did someone say Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Star Wars? 

Popcorn, Rexburg Deals
  1. Photo scavenger hunt

All you need is a phone camera, a list of local locations or activities (dares are my favorite) and three or four couples. Whoever finishes most pictures in the allotted time, wins. 

  1. Visit the animal shelter 

Who doesn’t like playing with dogs or cats? And maybe this is the perfect time to figure out one of the most important questions in your relationship…are you a dog or a cat person? 

  1. Watch a scary movie 

It doesn’t need to be Halloween to watch a scary movie…but it helps. 

  1. Karaoke 

Get out of your comfort zone and sing some karaoke together. 

  1. Make a treat together and doorbell ditch them to random homes (with nice notes) 

Doorbell ditching a home can be fun but it can be even more fun to leave a nice treat for the surprised person. 

  1. Drive to see the Tetons 

Some of the most beautiful mountains in the country and seen from all around. Drive into Teton Valley for the best views and be sure to stop and get a huckleberry shake or lime freezy at the Corner Drug Store in town. 

Tetons, Rexburg Deals
  1. Go walk the Green Belt in Idaho Falls 

Over the years the green belt in Idaho Falls has really developed and become quite the attraction. If you can get bikes or ride scooters all the way around then you are sure to have even more fun. 

  1. Sledding 

In the winter you are sure to find some great sledding hills in the Rexburg area. Who says winters have to be miserable? Grab a date and go find a fun sledding hill and enjoy the winter’s beauty. 

  1. Build a snowman 

While winter in Rexburg can feel long at times it is sure to be more fun when you get out and embrace the snow. 

  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise 

Rexburg has some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Don’t miss them.

  1. Make a video together

 If you have some video editing skills then be sure to put them to good use and make a fun video together. 

  1. Join a fun looking meetup

Look up different meetups in the area and join one. 

  1. Do yoga together 

This can be fun and challenging for someone who has never done yoga before. 

  1. Use a compass and map to go somewhere new 

Pick a spot on a map and go there. No cheating and using a GPS or Google Maps. Find your way with an old fashioned map and compass. 

  1. Make a time capsule and bury it together 

You may want to make sure that you can dig where you are looking to bury your time capsule but you may also want to be sure to mark the location somehow. This could be more fun though for a young newlywed couple who can go back years later and relive some great memories. 

  1. Visit a local haunted spot 

There are a number of them. You have probably heard of a couple. And while a haunted house during Halloween is nice it is even more fun to visit some real haunted places together. 

  1.  Make a bucket list together

Make a list and start accomplishing the items and checking them off. 

  1. Card game 

The many different games you can play with a simple deck of cards is endless and can bring hours of fun. 

Card game, Rexburg Deals
  1. Water balloon fight

On a hot summer day this is a perfect date idea that can give you a great way to cool off. Invite some other couples and make it a group date.

  1. Watch a show together 

My favorite is The Office but maybe you are more of a drama person. Grab some candy and popcorn and watch your favorite show. 

  1. Go to local attractions and write reviews on Google 

Simply google “local attractions” and go check them out and write reviews. 

  1. Learn a magic trick together 

Pull up YouTube and learn a new magic trick and then show some friends. 

  1. Go pick up garbage and litter at a local park.

Giving community service is always a great way to see more about someone and this world can do without more litter in it’s parks. 

  1. Create a holiday and celebrate every year

This may be better suited for newlywed couples but making up a holiday and celebrating every year is a great way to create tradition and also have some fun. 

  1. Give service together

Serving the community or others is a great date idea that can help you get to know one another while also giving back in some way. 

  1. Truth or Dare 

Classic favorite and one that is sure to lead to some crazy dares and deep truths. 

  1. Try to break a world record together

This is not for the faint of heart. Go to the Guinness World Record website and look up records that might be fun to try and break. No you probably wont get listed as a record holder unless you go through their in depth application process. Who knows, maybe you will find something that you can beat. (Be sure to record it)

Cheap Date Ideas in Rexburg Idaho

There are many cheap Rexburg date ideas that you may not have though about. You may have to get a little creative but if you are trying to stick to a budget then here is our list of cheap Rexburg date ideas:

  1. Mini S’mores 

Buy some Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, some toothpicks, and an unscented candle. It makes for a fun little activity that is sure to be unique

  1. Hospital dinner

Eating at the hospital may not seem like fun but the food is quite good and fairly cheap. 

  1. Float the river 

Get together and rent some tubes and take a float down the river. Be sure to have some water and sunscreen. 

  1. Canoe the river 

Even more fun than floating on tubes is to rent a canoe and float the river in style. 

  1. Visit Island park 

There are a lot of fun date activities in Island Park.  You can float the river, go cross-country skiing, eat at any one of the many hole in the wall restaurants, fish up at Henry’s Lake or just drive on up to West Yellowstone.

  1. Ice skating

In the winter there are a number of places to go ice skating and it is a great time to grab some hot chocolate and have some fun. 

ice skating
  1. Local high school sporting event

Go to a local high school sporting event and cheer for the local team. 

  1. Make dinner together

Cooking together is a fun way to see how well you work as a team. And at the end you get to eat some great food!

  1. Bonfire

Go to Beaver Dick Park, the sand dunes, or out in the desert. 

  1. Go apple picking 

BYU-Idaho has a great apple orchard and for very cheap you can take your date and go pick apples. If you want to go above and beyond you can really top the date off by baking an apple pie together. 

  1. Have a fire and bbq

Having a fire and roasting smores or cooking up some hot dogs can be a recipe for a great date. 

  1. Geocaching 

If you have never tried this then be sure to put it on your list of date ideas. You not only get some cool stuff but you will explore new areas and are sure to have fun doing it. 

  1. Make a new dessert recipe together

Find a dessert you both like and have never made before and try to make it from scratch. I like to get my inspiration from The Great British Baking Show. 

  1. Hot chocolate and star gazing 

Grab some hot chocolate and some warm blankets and go star gazing out of town. Be sure to cuddle up on those cold fall evenings. 

  1. Carve pumpkins 

Who can make the most elaborate carving? 

  1. Fly a kite 

Rexburg has plenty of wind. Why not put it to good use and grab a kite and take your date out for some classic windy fun. 

  1. Tin foil dinners 

Look up some great recipes and be sure to have fun with it. Even try doing some tin foil desserts. 

  1. Go on a picnic 

Pack a basket and grab a blanket and frisbee because this date idea really is a great time to talk and enjoy the warm summer afternoons and evenings. 

Picnic Rexburg Deals
  1. Go to a yard sale 

Saturdays are famous for yard sales and garage sales. Take your bikes and ride around town in the mornings and see what you can find. There are hidden treasures all over. 

  1. Aviation museum 

Did you know Rexburg has an aviation museum? Most people don’t. Grab a date and go check out the cool airplanes and history this town has to offer. 

  1. Do a craft together 

Make a stop by Hobby Lobby or any of the local craft stores and grab your favorite craft supplies and let’s see what you and your date can create.

  1. Do a puzzle together 

500 piece puzzle? 1000 piece puzzle? When was the last time you did one? Let me guess, with your grandparents when you were 13. Try it out. And when you are done you can frame it or hang it up. 

  1. McDonalds at midnight 

McMidnight anyone? 

  1. Movie night with fancy Popcorn 

Make your own fancy popcorn. Caramel, white chocolate, or almond bark? It’s up to you. 

  1. Do a baking competition with another couple 

If you can’t handle the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. 

  1. Go for ice cream

G’s Dairy or Coldstone, what’s your favorite?

  1. Paint a landscape together 

Grab a canvas and unlock your inner Bob Ross. 

  1. Smash therapy 

Sometimes when your loved one has had a hard day one of the best things you can do is some smash therapy. Hulk Smash!

  1. Rent a metal detector and search for treasure 

We may not have big beaches where people lose things often but we do have Porter Park where I am sure you could find a couple great treasures. 

  1. Make a homemade piñata 

This may take a little skill and you might have to watch a couple youtube videos but this can make for a really fun date. 

  1. Sidewalk chalk 

Police aren’t the only adults that can have fun with chalk.

sidewalk chalk, Rexburg Deals
  1. Put together a model car or airplane 

For the car or airplane enthusiasts this can be a fun time to work together and share your interests. 

  1. Put together a lego set

If you are not quite the expert model car designer then you may like slowing things down and building simple lego sets with your date. 

  1. Run a 5k or fun run together 

Temple to Temple Relay run…do they still do that?

  1. Test out some science experiments 

Watch some Bill Nye together or some great YouTube channels. Be sure to always follow safety procedures. 

  1.  Adult coloring book

Who said coloring books had to just be for kids. 

  1. Make matching t-shirts 

Tie dye or iron on designs? Be sure to post some pictures when you are done.

  1. Roller skating rink

There are a number of these around eastern Idaho but sometimes BYU-Idaho campus has roller skating evenings and you can skate there for cheap. 

  1. Homemade ice cream 

There are a number of ways to make homemade ice cream. Find a recipe you love and make it together. 

  1. Go swimming 

There are a number of great areas around Rexburg to go swimming. Green Canyon Hot Springs or Heise Hot Springs are some of the local favorites but BYU-Idaho will sometimes have free swim in their pool. You will need to check out their schedule. 

  1. Ice Blocking 

Grab a block of ice and find a nice grassy hill and you can have quite a bit of fun.

  1. Do a soda shop crawl

Bar crawl? Na how about a soda shop crawl. Make a list of soda shops and go to each of them and find your favorite drink. 

More Expensive Date Ideas In Rexburg Idaho

  1. Paintball

There are a number of great places to go paintballing in the area. Bunker Village Paintball is one of the more popular ones. 

  1. Out to eat

Never underestimate what a nice dinner can do for your relationship. A great conversation is sure to be powerful and going out on a date to the many different great Rexburg restaurants may be a great idea. 

  1. Snow mobile rides 

In the winter there are amazing places to go snowmobiling in Easter Idaho. Be sure that the trail you shoes matches your skill set. You don’t want to get caught in the high mountains without the skills to get out. 

  1. Cross country skiing 

Rent some skis from campus and go to some of the many trails around locally and in the region. One of my favorite is Harriman State Park. There is a warming hut and a great trail that takes you by the river. On the right day the views can be breathtaking. 

  1. Yellowstone 

Yellowstone is one of the countries most popular National Parks and can be quite busy so be sure to plan for a full day’s trip. It is so worth it though. Just don’t be one of those tourists and get out and stand next to the buffalo for a picture.

Yellowstone buffalo
  1. Golfing 

If you have never been then maybe some lessons together would be fun.

  1. Corn maze 

Regular corn maze or a haunted corn maze? The choice is yours. 

  1. Haunted house

Another great Halloween activity. Be sure to check out The Haunted Mill. It is a local favorite. 

  1. Drive in movie 

The Teton Vu Drive-in or The Spud Drive-in are some of the only Drive-ins left in operation in the area and so much fun. The Spud Drive in has been in operation since 1953. 

  1. Dress the other person from a thrift store and then go to dinner. 

This is fun in a group date setting as well as on individual dates. Have the other person dress you with only things they can find at the thrift store and then go to a sit down dinner somewhere public. Be sure to take pictures.

  1. Visit an escape room 

How do you both work under pressure? Find out by visiting one of the many escape rooms in Eastern Idaho.

  1. Go to the local movie theater 

There are two local movie theaters in Rexburg. Fat Cats and The Paramount 5. 

  1. Go shooting

This date idea is perfect for the Rexburg area . Be sure to be safe and use ear protection. 

  1. Try a new restaurant and order food for each other

Let’s see just how well you know each other.

  1. Host a Casino Night

Invite some other couples over, dress up, grab a card table, and show off your poker face. 

  1. Take a day trip

Hop in your car and grab a map and see what fun places you can drive to and back from in a day. Remember, the shotgun rider is the DJ so choose wisely. 

  1. Rock Climbing 

Going to a rock climbing gym is always fun but have you ever actually gone real rock climbing or even repelling? Try it out, it can be a great date idea. 

Rock Climbing Rexburg Deals
  1. Rexburg Rapids 

During the summer months Rexburg Rapids can be a great place to go and cool off in the Rexburg area. 

  1. Go bowling 

Fat Cats or the bowling alley on BYU-Idaho campus are your two choices for Rexburg but there are also a couple lanes in Idaho Falls if you are up for a small drive. Make this a fun date by going Skittle bowling

  1. Go to the Play Mill 

The Playmill has been around for decades and has some amazing performances. This always makes for a great date night. 

  1. Go to an arcade 

Fat Cats has a fun arcade that is sure to keep you and your date entertained for a couple hours.

  1. Throw a dinner party together 

Invite some other couple over for dinner. Make it a potluck or prepare all the food yourselves. Either way food and good company is always a great date idea. 

  1. Go out for a breakfast date 

Who says dates have to happen in the evening. Try out a morning date idea. Breakfast? Brunch? Maybe just watching the sunrise. 

  1. Hot air balloon ride 

These can offer some of the greatest views around. Make sure your date is not afraid of heights before you purchase tickets though as this can be pricey. 

  1. Go karts and mini golf

Classic date idea but still one of the best date ideas around for those who like to have some fun and go fast. 

  1. Go the the thrift store and get clothes for each other and have a photo shoot

Grabbing some funny outfits at the thrift store and doing a photoshoot makes for a good laugh and a good time. Invite some other couples for even more fun. 

  1. Gold bug hot springs 

One of the most popular hot springs in the area Gold Bug Hot Springs offers a great opportunity to have a fun hike as well as a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring. Be sure to plan most of the day for this trip as it is a good drive from Rexburg. You will want to bring some water for your hike. It is a short hike but can be challenging if you are not at least a little prepared. 

  1. Ax throwing 

This has become one of the more popular date ideas in recent years. I mean who doesn’t love throwing a sharp ax and having it stick in the wood. You feel so accomplished. 

  1. Take a cooking class together

Maybe you are the next top chef? Who knows…why don’t you go find out. 

  1. Take dance lessons together 

For those who like to move their bodies, this can be a fun opportunity to see what type of chemistry you have in your relationship. 

  1. Go repelling 

Overcoming your fear of heights can be quite an accomplishment. Make sure to have all the right equipment and know wha you are doing, but this makes for a great time. 

  1. Go long boarding or rent scooters 

This is a great way to see more of Rexburg without driving around. 

  1. Go to a trampoline center

The Gravity Factory is a fun date idea and if you have some tricks why not go show them off. 

  1. Go to a rodeo 

There seems to always be a rodeo going on in Eastern Idaho during the summer. 

Rodeo, Rexburg Deals
  1. Idaho falls Zoo

While it may not be the San Diego Zoo, it offers some great attractions and can make for a fun date. 

  1. Go on a bike ride

Maybe you have to rent bikes but regardless this always makes for a fun time. 

  1. Budget friendly inventor 

Come up with a new invention that you would like to see and go buy some parts for it and see if you can create a new product. Maybe you will start the next Tesla off of this idea…crazier things have happened. 

  1. Ropes course 

BYU-Idaho has a great ropes course that makes for a great group date. 

  1. Restaurant Roulette

Write down a number of restaurants you would not normally go to on separate pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Draw one out and go to that restaurant. 

  1. Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World has dozens of bears that you can see as well as other animals. This is one of the more popular East Idaho attractions.  

  1. Laser Tag

Blast Off in Idaho Falls offers laser tag as well as some other fun group games that are very similar. This makes for a great group date idea. 

  1. The Rock Gym 

The Rock Gym has some of the best rock walls in Eastern Idaho and is a great place to take your date and learn to work together. 

  1. The Museum of Rexburg 

If you love history and want to know more about the history of Rexburg then this is the place to go.

  1. Nerf Gun fight

Go buy some nerf guns and have a nerf gun battle. 

  1. Visit an observatory 

There are a number of observatories around the region. Give them a call and see if they do tours. In fact BYU-Idaho has an observatory you can visit.

 In Conclusion

There are many different date ideas for Rexburg Idaho but you need to get creative. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we will add to this list regularly.

What are some of your favorite date ideas to do in Rexburg or in the surrounding area?

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