Green Canyon Hot Springs – 8 Things You Need To Know

Green Canyon Hot Springs is one of the closest hot springs in the Rexburg area and is a very family friendly hot spring. With a large pool and a great atmosphere you are sure to enjoy your time here. 

Where is Green Canyon Hot Springs? 

Green Canyon Hot Springs is about 25 miles East of Rexburg on Highway 33. When you get to mile marker #116 then turn left and go about 4 miles. There is very little service up the canyon so be sure to follow the road signs and look for the big building towards the end of the road. 

2432 Canyon Creek Road
Newdale, ID 83436

What is there to do at Green Canyon Hot Springs? 

Green Canyon Hot Springs offer great camping, swimming, and outdoor activities. It is a very family friendly hot springs near Rexburg Idaho and is one of the most well known places to go swimming in the area. 

The facility consists of three different pools: A big pool (96 degrees), a hot pool (105 degrees), and a cold pool (55 degrees). You can also enjoy the actual hot springs (115 degrees).

During the summer months there are great biking trails and beautiful hikes. In the winter it is not uncommon for snowmobiles to arrive at camp and set up tents for the night or just to enjoy a warm soak and then ride back home.

What are the operating hours of Green Canyon Hot Springs? 

Hours differ depending on the time of year but you can see their general schedule below. They are closed on Sunday. 

Memorial Day – Labor Day

Mon-Fri Noon – 10PM
Sat 10AM – 10PM

Labor Day – Memorial Day

Mon, Tues, Fri 5PM – 9PM
Sat Noon – 9PM

How much does Green Canyon Hot Springs Cost?

The rates can differ on a number of things but they do offer group rates and season passes as well as family rates. They also offer season passes.

Swimming Rates:
AgeRegular RateDiscount Rate*
2 & Under$2.00$2.00
*discount rate is for groups of 12 or more, Seniors age 60+, or Dad and Mom and at least 2 children OR Dad or Mom and at least 3 children.

Can I camp at Green Canyon Hot Springs?

Yes. You can camp at green canyon hot springs year around. There are many different camping sites near the pool and they offer different hookups. You can tent camp or bring your RV or motorhome. 

Does Green Canyon Hot Springs offer swimming lessons?

Yes. You can take swimming lessons at Green Canyon Hot Springs. They fill up fast so be sure to call at least a year in advanced to get on the list.

What Is The History of Green Canyon Hot Springs?

Green Canyon Hot Springs has been in the Neibaur Family since 1953 but the original hot springs was started back in 1903. Green Canyon Hot Springs has a fairly extensive history and it is very interesting. I won’t list it all here as it is very long but I will link to a page that goes deep on the history. You can find that here

Is There Anything To Eat At Green Canyon Hot Springs?

Yes. There is a great little grill where you can get food and enjoy a hot dog or hamburger after your swim.

In conclusion

Green Canyon can be one of the best hot springs near Rexburg Idaho and is a very fun activity for FHE, a great date idea, or a family activity night. If you are looking to get wet and go swimming this is a great option for the whole group. 

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